During a growth spurt, your child can grow 10cm in a few months! The bones will grow very quickly stretching out the muscles making them tight and weak. During these times of increased growth your child is at risk of muscle strains and growth plate injuries.


Knowing the appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises is an easy way to help reduce growing pains and allow your child to continue playing in their chosen sport!

Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) Imaging is an invaluable tool we utilise. It is of great benefit to anyone unsure of whether or not their deep core muscles are activating and want to make sure they are exercising correctly.  


It is particularly effective for those with a history of lumbar spine pain or surgery, post natal and for people experiencing some form of stress incontinence or occasional bladder leaking.

Dancers are particularly vulnerable to injury after resuming their dance schedule after a break (e.g. school holidays). Problems can also arise after periods of growth or a change in your routine (e.g. increasing pointe work or eisteddfod preparation phases).


To help avoid disappointing setbacks, early detection of muscle tightness, weakness or muscle imbalance is crucial. Merrin offers a comprehensive dance or pre-pointe assessment  including report, with specific exercise recommendations that will aid you to focus on the key areas necessary for optimal dance performance.



Thinking of joining a pilates or gym group exercise class but worried about re-injury?


The Pilates Prep Program package includes 3 private exercise rehabilitation sessions with a physio to make sure you are prepared to embark on your group exercise classes or group pilates sessions.

Whether it's for relaxation or rehabilitation we now offer both Swedish and Remedial Massage Therapy.


In the tranquility of the dedicated massage room our therapists will assess your condition and provide a holistic treatment that will focus on both the cause and symptoms of any pain, often in conjunction with your existing physiotherapy treatment.

Need something extra for those painful knots in your muscles?


Our physiotherapists are qualified to use acupuncture needles as part of your physiotherapy treatment. Dry needling is an incredibly effective treatment to reduce tension and trigger points in chronically tightened muscles.


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